Year 12 vs. Year 13 Charity Run

On Friday, 2nd February 2018, 4 students from Year 12 and 13 competed in a 5K Run Charity Challenge alongside their Heads of Achievement, Mr Dunford and Mr Edwards who led by example. Year 12 were raising money for local charity Tunza’s Pride and Year 13 for a Southport based charity, Jack’s Journey.

After weeks of hard training, the Year 12 team were dealt a bitter blow when Mr Dunford was unable to take part due to illness. Mr Gaskell quickly stepped in to take his place and Mr Dunford agreed to be the official starter and time keeper instead. He brought his doctor’s note with him.

Any ideas that Year 13 might take advantage of this late change were dashed when Daisy fell ill shortly after the start and was unable to complete the race. She did, however manage to get a lift in her mum’s car and tricked the starter by sprinting across the finishing line in an excellent (but disallowed) time of 21.21.

Those that did manage to complete the race posted very pleasing times:

YEAR 12                                   YEAR 13
Mr Gaskell 22.20                   Mr Edwards 24.05
Connor 20.11                         Tolver 22.22
James 23.02                           Daisy  DNF

Average time 21.51              Average time 23.13

Due to Mr Dunford’s illness, Year 12 did not manage to launch their fund raising campaign and are planning to do so later in the year.

Year 13 raised £189 for Jack’s Journey and special mentions should go to Sixth Form student Travis Jones who personally donated £20 and also to Daisy’s sponsors who agreed to honour the £50 they had pledged despite her illness preventing her from completing the race.

Mr Edwards and Mr Dunford reluctantly agreed to call it a draw but there are plans for a rematch at the annual Cowley 5K Compete or Complete Challenge in May 2018.