YEAR 10 Cowley Ambassador Application Form

Year 10 Cowley Ambassador
Application Form

Published May 2020

Year 10, this is YOUR opportunity to support other students and the college by becoming a Cowley Ambassador.

There are five strands of Ambassador available and it’s worth having a think about your skills and personality traits.

oneAre you great at speaking with people? Do you enjoy helping others and charities?  Maybe you are perfect for a Considerate role.

twoAre you sporty?  Do you take pride in looking out for people, sticking up for those who are shy to speak out? Maybe you are perfect for a Healthy role.

threeAre you confident? Do you work hard and take pride in your work. Do you try to get your friends to be the same? Maybe you are perfect for an Aspirational role.

fourAre you confident in working alone?  Are you able to speak to anyone and to put your point across in an articulate and intelligent manner. Yes? You could be perfect in an Independent role.

fiveAre you great at communicating? Do you write great stories, are you a natural at talking in a clear, concise manner. Are you good at getting your message across? If so, you could be perfect for a Good Communicator role!

The simple online application form is below and we would recommend that you take time to think about which role would be best suited for you and to write a GREAT short statement to support your application.

Remember, there are LIMITED places for Ambassadors.

My preferred role is...
I would like to be considered for the role of Head Boy/Head Girl
In 200 words, explain your reasons for wanting to be a Cowley Ambassador.*