Dear Parent/Guardian

The school bus service continues to be an important method of travel to and from school for a number of our students. Use of this service is a privilege and the majority of our students respect this and always endeavour to display our Cowleian values when travelling to and from school. Recently however, we have had reports that a minority of students have displayed anti-social and unacceptable behaviour on the school buses.

Due to this and in conjunction with Merseytravel we thought it necessary to send a copy of the school bus service code of conduct. Please spend some time reading over this code of conduct with your child as failure to follow this may result in a pupil being banned from using the service. Although pupils are not on the college premises, they remain subject to the behaviour policy while travelling to and from college and ultimately parents are responsible for their behaviour.

Any incidents of anti-social or unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated, reported incidents will be fully investigated. This may lead to a pupil being temporarily or permanently excluded from the school bus service. In some cases, this may also lead to involvement with the Police which may result in prosecution. The college reserves the right to suspend or permanently remove the privilege of an individual to use the bus service. If a pupil is banned from using the bus the responsibility of ensuring a pupil attends college regularly remains with the parent/guardian.

Cowley International College School Bus Service Code of Conduct

Pupils must agree to:

• Be at the pick-up point before the bus is scheduled to arrive and wait for the bus on the pavement well back from the road.

• Wait until the bus has stopped before trying to embark or disembark.

• Wait until the bus had moved off before crossing the street.

• Sit in a seat and fasten their seat belt for the entirety of the journey.

• Not distract the driver.

• Not eat, drink, smoke or vape on the bus.

• Not act in a way which is dangerous to themselves or anyone else.

• Treat the driver with respect and follow their instructions.

• Not leave litter on the bus.

• Have consideration for other passengers and not use offensive language.

• Behave appropriately. Bad behaviour will lead to a pupil being temporarily or permanently excluded from the school bus service.

• Take care of the bus. Causing damage to the bus will result in the pupil or his/her parents/guardians having to pay the bus company for the cost of repairs and could also lead to prosecution.

• Report any dangerous behaviour by other pupils to their driver, parents/guardians or teachers. Remember, serious misbehaviour could lead to the bus company withdrawing the service where it cannot be run safely.

Parents and guardians should

• Help their children know and follow the safest route and use appropriate crossing places between home and the pick-up point.

• Remind children to conduct themselves appropriately at pick-up points or on buses. By:

• Waiting for the bus to pull away before crossing the road

• Not crossing immediately in front of or behind the bus

• Never opening any door on the bus except in an emergency

• Never throwing anything out of the bus window

• Not distracting the driver, for example by fighting or shouting on the bus

• Ensure their child knows what to do if the bus is late or does not arrive.

• Make sure their child is aware of the financial consequences of vandalism on the bus. Payment to the bus company for any damage caused by a child will be the parents/guardians responsibility.

• Make sure their child is aware that in the result of a ban from the use of the school bus service it remains the parents/guardians responsibility for their child to have a good attendance to school.

The School’s Commitment

We will:

• Deal with your queries and requests promptly.

• Provide contractors with up-to-date information on pupils authorised to travel on their buses.

• Plan journeys to minimise journey times whilst providing a cost-effective and efficient service.

• Investigate thoroughly and impartially all incidents reported and complaints made. We will    respond to the complainant as soon as the investigation is complete.

• Regularly monitor the safety and quality of School transport: safety of School transport is our primary concern.

•Treat everyone equally and fairly.

Cowley International College Bus Service Terms & Conditions

Timetable and Routes

The timetable for the school bus services, and the routes operated, are set out on the school website. The school will notify you of any changes to the school bus service as soon as reasonably possible prior to those changes taking effect. The school will ensure that all vehicles follow the route and timings set out in the school bus service timetable, unless it is prevented from doing so because of road closures. The School will ensure that pupils are picked up and set down only at recognised bus stops, as set out in the school bus service timetable. You agree to ensure that pupils are ready to be picked up at the relevant bus stop at the time specified in the school bus service timetable, and you acknowledge and agree that if the pupil is not ready to be picked up at the time specified the school will be under no obligation to wait for the pupil.

Breakdown and Delays

The school gives its advice on journey time in good faith. However, as a result of breakdown or traffic congestion, or other events beyond the reasonable control of the company, journeys may take longer than predicted and in those circumstances the school will not be liable for any loss or inconvenience suffered by parents and pupils as a result.