Cowley Sixth Form students begin training to become Mental Health Champions

A number of Cowley Sixth Form students have started the six-week course to become Mental Health Champions for the College.

A dozen students volunteered their time to join the course, which is being run by the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, which will provide them with knowledge and skills to help them spot mental health and wellbeing issues, how to deal with them and support their fellow students around College should they encounter mental health or wellbeing problems.

The first of the sessions took place on Wednesday and the group showed fantastic willingness to learn and were extremely enthusiastic and fully involved with the session.

We would like to thank the staff from the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust for their assistance in putting this course on, and well done to the students who all enjoyed the first session.

They will continue for the rest of this term, achieving a Mental Health Champion qualification at the completion of the course.

About the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust and useful resources
The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust is an organisation that Cowley has linked with to provide additional mental health and wellbeing support and resources for parents/carers as well as our students.

Please find below some resources from the Charlie Waller Trust website that you may find useful.

Five Ways to Wellbeing posters – Five posters – one for each of the Five Ways to Wellbeing. Each poster describes the ‘way’ and gives some ideas that relate to it.

Starting University – Some students are enthusiastic optimists and some are anxious worriers – this booklet provides useful advice and information for both, and everyone in between.

Supporting a child with anxiety – If your child is experiencing high levels of anxiety, it can be worrying for you as a parent or carer. This booklet will help you understand anxiety more clearly and begin to address it.

Wellbeing Action Plan – A simple plan to help you keep yourself well and get you through difficult times.

Wellbeing Action Plan (Aged 16+) – The Wellbeing Action Plan is for all young people attending sixth form or college, whether or not they have experienced mental health issues. It’s a practical tool that helps students think about how to look after their mental health, when they may need support and where to seek help.

Coping with self harm – Developed by researchers at the University of Oxford, this guide includes information on the nature and
causes of self-harm and how to support a young person for parents and carers.

Perfectionism – How to spot and respond to unhealthy perfectionism.

Asking for help – Tips for young people on when it’s time to talk about their mental health, or if they want to help a friend.

Social media and teenagers – Together, we can build digitally healthy households, practically and positively. Let’s explore how.

Parents guide to depression – This booklet aims to help parents and carers recognise and understand depression and how to get appropriate help for their child.

Read more about Charlie Waller and the training that they offer schools here: School mental health training (