Reusable Water Bottle design competition

As part of Cowley International College’s campaign to become a Plastic Free School, we are running a design competition for a reusable Cowley water bottle.

The College will introduce more water fountains around the building to encourage students to refill a reusable bottle rather than using single use plastic.

As part of this programme, we would like to invite our students to join this competition to design the Cowley water bottle which we would issue to students to use.

You can create any design that you would like to see on a bottle but it must only include one colour (any colour you like).

The bottle will be transparent (clear) so only design the logo to appear on the bottle. Please hand in all paper entries to your Year Team and send in all electronic entries to by 20th May 2022.

A copy of the entry form can be found here to download and print off.

After the competition ends, there will be a selection of 10 of the best designs (there are prizes on offer) and students will then get the chance to vote for your favourite! The overall winners will be made into the school bottles.

Good luck!