are you a ‘key worker’?

Parents and carers

It has been a very busy day at Cowley making preparations following the announcement yesterday. The plan is very nearly complete for how Cowley operates on Monday and this will be shared with all parents tomorrow by letter, email and on the website.

We are still awaiting further details from the Government about things such as exams/assessments and who they are classifying as a ‘key worker’. Last night the Government suggested that key workers were jobs like; NHS worker, emergency services, armed forces, teacher or school support staff, super market delivery driver.

However, we need to make arrangements for Monday, so please complete the survey that we have sent via email at 4.10 on Thursday 19th March if you consider yourself to be a ‘key worker’.

Please complete the survey before midday Friday 20th March.

Once again, many thanks for the kind words and messages as the college, community and the nation navigates their way through this tricky time.