Anyone who achieves 90% in a Mathematics test deserves a hearty pat on the back.

If you are lucky enough to have some savings in a bank, you might be looking at an interest rate of 2 to 3% at best.

So, sometimes a high percentage is good and sometimes a low percentage is still good. It all depends on what we are dealing with.

Attendance to school is vital in achieving true potential. 1/2 a missed day per week equates to one grade lower at GCSE across all subjects – this is a proven fact.

Our school target is 96% which mean to achieve this, all pupils must have an attendance of at least 96%.

Pupil attendance is colour coded:

  • Gold 100%
  • Green 96 to 99.9%
  • Amber 91 to 95.9%
  • Red Less than 91%

Do you know what you child’s attendance to school is and whether it is Gold or Red?

The bands have changed recently to reflect the increasing pressure on schools to improve attendance.

Please be aware that we will not authorise holidays in school time and if necessary, we we will issue Fixed Penalty Notices.

In severe cases, we will monitor attendance over a 6 week period; if attendance does not improve we would refer to the Educational Welfare Service with a view to prosecuting.

We offer support at every opportunity. If attendance is a concern, speak to your child’s year team first or the Attendance Team. All can be contacted via the school office.

Mr Livesey is responsible for the school attendance and can also be contacted for help and guidance. Early help can often stop a problems form emerging; please do ask for help early.