Headteacher’s award – well done!

Since the start of term, each week 2 students from every year group are nominated by their Head of Achievement for the Headteacher’s Award.

This award acknowledges those who have tried really hard and set themselves apart in their year group.

We have 1,542 students in the college – so to be picked is a real achievement.

Congratulations to this week’s students (WB 11th October) who were nominated for the Headteacher’s Award:

Year 8
Lucy and Leon for having the most achievement points in their year.

Year 9
Ethan for actively completing independent study during social times.

Daniel for engagement in lessons and extracurricular activities in the short period of time since he started.

Year 10
Shannon and Kelsie for being the most considerate in their year.

Year 11
Keeya for being the complete Cowleian and completing 3 cards in a short space of time.

Amber for her outstanding baking in Food Technology recently.

Hope you all enjoyed breakfast, being awarded your certificates and meeting with Mr Cormack and Miss Hale.