Year 7 students excel in National Hurdle Tests

41 of our Year 7 students, who are currently studying Chinese on the Mandarin Excellence Programme (MEP) have completed their National Hurdle Tests over 5 weeks from Thursday, 3rd May to Thursday, 7th June. They undertook 4 examinations in Chinese reading, writing, speaking and listening with exceptional results.

38 schools nationwide are currently taking part in the MEP and judging by our student’s unconfirmed marks, Cowley has excelled the national standard with an impressive set of results ranging from 97%-66%. The pass rate for the course this year is 100% at Cowley, with 46% of students scoring 90%+ and 88% of students scoring 80%+ in their exams.

As a reward for their hard work, Mr Edwards and Mr Mercure will be taking the MEP students out on a trip to the Liverpool World Museum to visit the “China’s First Emperor and the Terracotta Warriors” exhibition on Tuesday, 19th June. The top 10 students with the highest test results will be nominated for the award of “Student of the Year” which will be presented in the final Year 7 Assembly of the summer term in July.

During July, the College will be visited by the Head of English and the Head of Mandarin of Ningbo International School. The school’s head teacher is Philip Billing, who is an ex-Cowley pupil and visited the College last year. Our visitors will be helping Mr Mercure and Mr Edwards to recruit the new Year 6 students, who will be joining Cowley in September, onto the MEP course when they visit the College on their taster days.

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