stay safe online challenge

In February, we asked everyone at Cowley to become an ‘Anti-Bullying Ambassdor’. We were really impressed by the enthusiasm so many of you showed for tackling bullying.

It’s now time for your first task as an anti-bullying ambassador.

With so many of us spending more time on screens at the moment, we need your help to encourage fellow Cowleians to stay safe online.

We are planning on releasing two videos to help students – one on cyberbulling, and one on online gaming.

Task 1: Online Gaming

Step 1: Watch this clip to remind yourself of some of the dangers of online gaming:

Step 2: Create a poster that lists the Pros and Cons of online gaming. Get someone to take a picture of you holding your poster and send it in to us

Step 3: Send your completed work to with the subject ‘Online gaming poster’ by 30th May to have a chance of featuring in one of our online clips.

If you would prefer not to feature in the clips, please let us know. We will be sending our clips off to the Anti-Bullying Alliance in the hope that they will choose our clip to use in helping other schools.