1pm finish on last day of term (friday 18th december)

Dear Parent/Carer,

To confirm the arrangements for next week:

  • College closes Friday 18th December at 1pm
  • High quality learning will take place up to, and including Friday
  • On the last day, there will be extended breaks for students to have an early lunch
  • Due to the earlier staggered break for Y7 & Y9, those students who receive free school meals, a packed lunch can be ordered with the year team and eaten in the canteen at 1:15pm
  • Buses will be available on the last Friday at the usual time.  If your child requires the bus they will be supervised in college until the buses arrive at 3:00pm

As always, if there is anything that the college can do to support your child and your family then please do get in touch with the year team.

Kind regards,

Mr Cormack