Microsoft Teams demonstration for students & parents

If any students or parents would like some additional help and support with the use of Microsoft Teams, then please be aware of a live ‘Teams For Families’ session which is being put on by Microsoft for St Helens’ schools and its pupils and parents on Wednesday 13th January, 4-5pm.

The session introduces parents and pupil participants of all ages to Microsoft Teams through live demonstrations of Teams for Education features including meetings, conversations, documents planning, classroom tips, and troubleshooting. Participants will leave the training with new understanding and with resources to continue their journey in remote learning.

The session will be delivered using Microsoft Teams Live which means that pupils and parents will only receive one-way audio & video from the presenters (Microsoft), however, attendees will be able to ask questions in the chat window of the session which will be answered by the presenters.

The link to join the session can be found here.