This will be the first Cowley parents’ evening for our Year 7 and we are very much look forward to meeting parents and carers in person and giving you the opportunity to hear about your child’s progress.

Parents’ evenings are the most important meetings in the college calendar.  Statistics tell us that on average students perform two grades better at GCSE if their parents come to parents’ evenings.  This shows us that the partnership between College and home is vital.

The evening will start at 4pm and finish at 7pm.  Please come to the main entrance on the 11-16 site and sign in with the year team.   Over the next week, your child will be collecting appointments from each of their teachers which will enable you to plan your evening.

Take a look here for some guidance on the appointment booking sheet

What happens if you cannot make the parents’ evening?

As I have mentioned, it is a very important evening and I encourage parents to prioritise this evening and rearrange other appointments.  If this is not possible, please send another named adult we have on the system, e.g., grandparent, uncle, auntie.

We look forward to seeing you Thursday 10th from 4pm.