10 reasons to study at cowley sixth form – from students

We asked our students why they chose to study at Cowley Sixth Form and what they like about it to provide you with an insight of what studying at Cowley is like from a student’s perspective.

Here are the answers they gave us:

“It feels like home because all students and staff are welcoming and want the best for you. The smaller class sizes are also beneficial and the class environment is more relaxed.”

“Because it provides great education and gives a great opportunity for students to enhance their learning.”

“I chose to go to Cowley because I was moving to St. Helens and I wanted to find the right option for me. Cowley has so many opportunities and freedoms that other sixth forms/colleges don’t have.”

“I liked Cowley High School with how much support they gave. Plus, what they offered on the course was really good and helpful.”

“Cowley Sixth Form offers a really personal experience you couldn’t get anywhere else. The classes are smaller and the teachers want to see you succeed in your subjects.”

“It is like a close-knit family as I know my teachers well and a lot of students here which makes it more comfortable. In addition, Cowley have quite a large variety of courses to choose from.”

“I knew that the teachers would work hard and help me to get the best grades possible like they did at GCSE.”

“Cowley gave me the better options for the subjects I wanted to do. Plus, the Musical Theatre course has always been known for their amazing students and performances.”

“I chose Cowley Sixth Form because I attended Cowley High and liked the idea of studying with teachers I already knew, as I know they are more than willing to help and provide support when needed.”

“I chose to study at Cowley Sixth Form because I liked the idea of having a fresh start after Year 11. After my first interview here, my heart was set on this college because of the positive atmosphere.”