Year 8 Q&A with Paul Wellens


Paul Wellens took centre stage during a Year 8 assembly and provided some words of wisdom for the young students on what motivates him and his career highlights to date:

Q: Do you find it hard training when you’re tired?
PW: Yes! But, I overcome these challenges by thinking about my team and not letting them or myself down.

Q: What’s been the highlight of your career?
PW: It has to be 2006 and the wins that Saints enjoyed, including the Challenge Cup. Getting BBC Sportsperson of the Year and ‘Man of Steel’ – this is a highlight for me. (Paul goes on to credit team and training personnel for achievements).

Q:If you hadn’t gone into Rugby League, what would your career be?
PW: A teacher! I am from a family of teachers.

Q: Why did you join Saints?
PW: I am a local lad and grew up watching Saints. To join a team that I found inspirational was fantastic.