The impact of CLEC teacher Miss Yan Wang

CLEC teacher Miss Yan Wang 王燕 has been working at Cowley International College for nearly two years.

In an article for the UCL IOE Confucius Institute Newsletter, one of Miss Yan Wang’s mentors and Assistant Principal here at Cowley, Mr Mercure, spoke about the impact she’s had on the school…

“Miss has been working at Cowley International College for nearly two years. She’s had to find a new flat, new friends, and learn to speak English with a northern accent rather than the standard American/English accent taught in China! And she’s done it all during the biggest global pandemic in over 100 years.

“She has been a big part of our primary outreach work, teaching at two local feeder primary schools weekly. She’s helped with classroom resources & management, staff Mandarin lessons, lunchtime clubs, after school lessons and especially with the MEP Hurdle tests.

“During the first lockdown, she joined our Zoom staffroom and together, we attempted The Times’ Daily Quiz every day. It’s quite tough and sometimes obscure, but she helped us get the questions about China right! We’ve been to pub lunches and on walks together, too.

“I’m aware we won’t have a CLEC teacher next year and we’ll miss this support so much. However, I know Miss is looking forward to going home, and we wish her well. We hope she’ll look back on her time at Cowley with affection and pride, safe in the knowledge that a little corner of the UK called St Helens still remembers her and her time as our CLEC teacher.”