Home Learning

If your child is absent from school (e.g.  for Covid isolation) and they are well enough, work will be available in the following formats:

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a) Your child can be invited to attend ‘live’ via MS Teams and join in the lesson with the class.

b) Your child will be set an assignment on MS Teams by the class teacher which aligns with the work being carried out in the live lesson.

c) If MS Teams is unavailable, work is available on the home learning section of the website which is matched to curriculum content for the half term on a week-by-week basis.

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If you require any help, advice and tips about using MS Teams, please use this Student/Parent Guide: http://www.cowley.st-helens.sch.uk/08/02/2021/microsoft-teams-student-parent-guide/

For any other queries, please contact your child’s Year team.