Learn a new language with Cowley!

Over the last few months, Mr Chapple, teacher of MFL here at Cowley has collated a number of audio files to help students, staff and parents/carers to start their journey to learning a new language.

Did you know that Cowley has students and staff who can speak over 18 languages?

Students and staff who are fluent in a second language were invited to record themselves speaking to teach others how to count, say basic greetings or days of the week.

So far, we have audio files in Spanish, Polish, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, Afrikaans, Cantonese, Hungarian, Italian and Yoruba – to name but a few!

We are so proud of this resource and hope that you get as much enjoyment from learning a new language as we did in creating.

Special thanks to Mr Chapple for the time he has spent on this fantastic resource.

If you can speak another language fluently and you would like to be part of this feature, please contact Mr Chapple on 01744 678 030.

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