STEM Career Experiences The ‘Live & Online’ Series This Spring

STEM Career Experiences
The ‘Live & Online’ Series This Spring

Investment Banking. Medicine. Engineering. Psychology. Computer Science. Architecture.

InvestIN is delighted to offer six STEM-related career experience programmes LIVE & ONLINE this spring for students aged 15-18.

Our ‘Live & Online’ programmes give students the opportunity to gain crucial work experience from the comfort of their own homes. They are delivered by top professionals who will immerse students in simulations of their real-life work PLUS be on-hand throughout to answer their questions live.

The full list of our STEM-related programmes is set out below, including highlights of each one. Click on any programme to view a detailed timetable and to register now.

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Highlights & Dates For STEM-Related Programmes

18th April

Coaching on: pricing and trading stocks, valuing companies, negotiating in a live deal, and building a portfolio

19th April

Coaching on: building the ultimate electric vehicle, mapping a mission to Mars and creating the city of the future

25th April

Coaching on: stitching up a wound, x-ray examination and taking a patient’s medical history. PLUS dedicated coaching on medical school applications, interviews and tests

26th April

Coaching on: Clinical, forensic and business psychology. Advising police during a live hostage negotiation, communicating with patients during a CBT session, and using psychology to win the ‘hearts and minds’ of consumers

9th May

Coaching on: Cutting-edge, 3D visualisations of innovative designs. Smart city and digital infrastructure scoping. RIBA Stages 2 and 3 of building design in accordance with a client brief

17th May

Coaching on: Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence. Discover ‘Big Data’, contribute to the design of an AI system, experience ‘penetration testing’ and carry out a forensic investigation