Contacting departments and year teams

For students or parents who wish to contact college, please be aware that the department and Year team email addresses are active and being monitored for you to direct your queries more directly.

Please note that the @ in our email addresses has been replaced with *AT* to hopefully prevent us being spammed by computers that look for email addresses on web pages. When emailing us, simply replace the *AT* with the @ symbol.

NameEmail Address
Cowley Animal Care departmentcowleyanimalcaredepartment*AT*
Cowley Art department cowleyartdepartment*AT*
Cowley Maths departmentcowleymathsdepartment*AT*
Cowley Community and Beliefs departmentcowleycandbeliefsdepartment*AT*
Cowley English departmentcowleyenglishdepartment*AT*
Cowley Geography departmentcowleygeographydepartment*AT*
Cowley History departmentcowleyhistorydepartment*AT*
Cowley ICT department cowleyICTdepartment*AT*
Cowley Law department cowleylawdepartment*AT*
Cowley Modern Languages departmentcowleyModernLanguagesdepartment*AT*
Cowley Mandarin departmentcowleyMandarinDepartment*AT*
Cowley Performing Arts departmentcowleyperformingartsdepartment*AT*
Cowley Physical Health departmentcowleyPhysicalhealthdepartment*AT*
Cowley Science departmentcowleysciencedepartment*AT*
Cowley Technology departmentcowleytechnologydepartment*AT*
Cowley Vocational departmentcowleyvocationaldepartment*AT*
Cowley Y10 team cowleyy10team*AT*
Cowley Y11 team cowleyy11team*AT*
Cowley Y7 team cowleyy7team*AT*
Cowley Y8 team cowleyy8team*AT*
Cowley Y9 team cowleyy9team*AT*