Rehearsal Examinations | Year 11

Year 11 students will be sitting their GSCE Rehearsal Examinations next week (w/c 6th December 2021).

The exam timetable, revision topic booklets, exam seat numbers and our exam protocols can be found on the Year 11 Microsoft Teams group which all students have access to.

Monday sees our first rehearsal examinations; English Literature at 9:00am and Biology at 11:15am.

The full timetable can be found below.

Week APeriods 1&2Periods 3&4Period 5
Monday 6thEnglish Language (1h 45) Biology (1h 15) *Separates 1h 45
Tuesday 7thMaths (1h 30) Chemistry (1h 15) *Separates 1h 45
Wednesday 8thEnglish Literature (2h) Physics (1h 15) *Separates 1h 45 PE (45 min)
Thursday 9thGeography (1h 30)
History (1h 45)
German (2h)
Mandarin (2h)
Construction (1h 30)
Engineering (45 min)
Friday 10thMaths (1h 30) Computer Science (1h 30)
Art (2h) – classroom
PE (45 min)

Good luck to all our Year 11!