Word of the week (WOW)

Each week, Mrs Pennington, Teacher of English and Cowley’s  Literacy Coordinator chooses a word of the week, or WOW as it’s affectionately known in the college.

Every time a student uses the WOW in their work, they are praised and achievement points are awarded.

Every Monday, this page will have the word of the week displayed, along with the collections of WOW’s from previous weeks.

If you have a word you think should be added to our word of the week, we’d love to hear it! Please email: cowley@sthelens.org.uk using WOW as your subject title.

WB: 10th October
Great warmth and intensity of feeling.
.g.  I do not have the same fervour for football as I do for rugby.

WB: 3rd October
To obtain or get by care, effort or special means.
E.g. It took Helen over six months to procure a new job.

WB: 26th September
Hazard or risk of (or exposure to) loss, harm, death or injury.
E.g. If you do not take your medicine, you will put your health in jeopardy.

WB: 19th September
Diligent in application or attention.
E.g. The girl studied with sedulous concentration.

WB: 12th September
Telling lies, especially habitually.
E.g. Mendacious people hide the truth.